Hi Folks. Welcome to Maverick Woodturning.

My name is Duane Suter and I make turned wood and resin creations.

For a long time now, I have had a passion for woodturning. But I also wanted to make things in a slightly different way too. So I came across the concept on not just woodturning, but also incorporating resin into the work too.
So with the help and support of by beautiful wife Rhian, I decided to design and build The Cave Workshop and create Maverick Woodturning.
My aim is to create turned wood and resin creations, all turned and handmade by me, with the added bonus of seeing the majority of how the projects were created via my YouTube channel "Maverick Woodturning".

Ornate Chalice
The Pistachio Bowl
Garden Dibber

"Creative people don't have a mess.... They have ideas lying around everywhere!"