Hi Folks

Welcome to my web site and Maverick Woodturning with The Cave Workshop.

My name is Duane Suter and Woodturning is my passion and hobby.

I make Wood and Resin lathe-turned creations, all from The Cave Workshop conveniently located in my back garden.

For many years I have loved the look of handmade bowls, goblets, vases, pots and pens etc, especially when they are blended resin, to make amazing hybrid creations. So back in 2020, with the help and blessing of my wonderful (and understanding) wife Rhian, I build The Cave Workshop myself, and together we created Maverick Woodturning.

You can see all my work in the Gallery section of this web site, and on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Plus you can watch me create some of the pieces on my YouTube channel "Maverick Woodturning".

All the Best

Duane Suter

Resin Dragon's Egg
Ornate Chalice
Resin Pencil Bowl
Beech Tinkerbell Pot
Ash Slimline Pen
The Pistachio Bowl
Oak platter with Owl engraving

"Creative people don't have a mess.... They have ideas lying around everywhere!"