The Helicopter Pilot


This was a photograph that was taken during a paranormal investigation at a helicopter museum. The Team I was with had tagged along with another "Group" investigation consisting of members of the public (which is never really a good idea). But our Team kind of went our own way and did our own thing. This proved to be rather futile, as with large groups of people, who really haven't got the faintest clue what they are really doing, there is too much "contamination" going on.

What I mean by "contamination" is, too much noise, or fussing about, or movement.
Generally during an investigation, there are certain "rules", albeit unspoken rules, that MUST be adhered to. For example, the best type of investigation is sitting quietly in a dark room and listening.... no torches, not equipment, no cameras, just sitting there waiting to see if anything occurs. Not the most riveting of investigations, but a requirement non the less. However, to make things a lot more interesting, but to minimise contamination, infrared lighting and cameras are used, together with audio recording etc. At lease then it is possible to log more detail of the investigation. Some more technical investigators may include Tri-field EMF meters, digital thermometers and other types of equipment, but again are very aware of potential contamination or false readings that these items may create.

Anyway.... back to the investigation.

Our main aim in this investigation was to concentrate on the helicopters themselves, of which there were many and of various ages. Some fairly modern, whereas others were from the 1950's. The building itself was a relatively new hanger. So the only thing we were watching out for were signs of residual energies etc. The investigation lasted approximately 6 hours, from 9pm to 3am.

The night was uneventful. Well, apart from the usual imbecilic comments from some of the people in the other group. For example, one lady thought it would be a good idea to play some 1970's music, which generally isn't a bad idea, as it can "invoke" some activity (depending on your point of view). But she then suddenly and rather excitedly commented on the fact that there must be a paranormal presence in the room, because........ "the clock is ticking in time to the music"....... really??? Another incident was when a gentleman was walking around with his "new and expensive" EMF (Electro-Magnetic field) meter, when suddenly as he passed a helicopter form the Vietnam War, it started to spike considerably. He got very excited and exclaimed in no uncertain terms that the helicopter must be haunted with the spirit of a dead soldier or pilot. But what he neglected to notice or even acknowledge, was that inside the cockpit, places in clear view on the pilot seat, was a clear notice stating that this helicopter was locked due to it being contaminated with trace elements of radiation!!! Enough said!

So yes, in general realistic terms the night was uneventful.

It wasn't until a number of days later while I was reviewing the footage, images and audio recordings, did I discover the aforementioned photograph of the helicopter. As you can see, it is a photo of a Bell UH-1 Iroquois (nicknamed "Huey"), that was in service during the Vietnam War (not the radioactive helicopter). One of our Team, Nikki, is sat in the pilot's seat and turning to look behind her. But it is what can be seen in the door window next to her that took my attention. There is a fairly clear image of what looks to be a young pilot. You can see he has dark hair and is wearing a bomber jacket. There was nobody else standing there, plus the supposed head height would be near 7ft. So it isn't another person.
So, could this be the ghostly figure of a helicopter pilot, who was connected somehow with this Huey? Or is it simply a combination of reflections, shadows and views through the glass of parts of the helicopter, producing a pareidoliaic image?

I will leave you to decide...