Suter Paranormal Research


This subject is currently experimental. I am not sure where I am going to go with it yet.
Basically, this is born from the ashes of Gloucester Paranormal - a paranormal research group I founded some year ago, but closed about 6 months ago.
The reasons why are two-fold really. Firstly, gaining access to locations that were supposedly haunted or had some form on activity that could be construed as paranormal, was very difficult without the owners etc charging stupid money for the investigation. Secondly, to be honest, there are so many "Paranormal" groups and teams out there, who are just out to make money and haven't really got the first clue about anything paranormal. They call themselves "experts" and try to become "famous" in the local areas. But to be frank, most of them are completely ignorant. It doesn't help either with all these paranormal TV shows! Everybody becomes a paranormal wannabe!!! So in the end I decided to shut down my group and walk away from it.

However, before, during and after all that time, I could not and cannot dismiss the fact that as a Witch, with some degree of Clairvoyance, I pick up on things on a daily basis.... I tend to be sensitive to paranormal occurrences.... I catch "glimpses" of things in rooms as I pass by; I "hear" things or sense things around me. All of which could be psychological or para-psychological.  But either way I cannot ignore it. So as a result, I have decided to return to researching the paranormal, at least initially to come degree.

I will be building up thins section as time goes by. I will also consider approaching my former "partner in crime" to see about collaborating once again. So watch this space....