Wheel of the year

Nihil horum timeas quae ignoras

Do not fear what you do not understand

Welcome to my page on the Occult. 
Firstly let me get one thing straight here.... "Occult" means something involving or relating to Mystical, Supernatural, or Magical powers, practices, or phenomena. It does not mean, or at least exclusively mean things to do with devil worship and satanism etc. And quite frankly neither do the subjects that I will cover here either.

The study of the Occult can be a very enlightening, wondrous experience, opening new doors in the way one looks on various aspects of life. I study all things Supernatural, Mystical and Paranormal, therefore by its very definition I am an Occultist.

In this section of the web site, I will be including, but not exclusively, information on Mysticism, Witchcraft including Spell work and Rituals, Tarot, Divination and the study of the Paranormal.

So I hope you enjoy visiting these pages and reading the contents therein.