My Music

Welcome to my music page.
As I mentioned in the Home page, I am a Singer/Songwriter and the founder/lead singer of a local Gloucester band called The Boxcar Mavericks.

May main instrument is the guitar, which I play in the band as well as sing. But my roots are Piano and Pipe Organ.
I had piano lessons throughout most of my childhood, but it wasn’t until my early teens that I started having music theory and Pipe Organ lessons. Even though I wasn’t to keen on the Pipe Organ, I excelled in music theory and managed to get as far as a couple of exams away from a Degree in Music Theory, while still in my mid-teens. But by that time, I’d had enough of it all and threw in the towel. Plus I was getting fed up with the Pipe Organ and the association with the Church (more about that side of things in the Occult page).

So that was it! I turned my back on music and started forgetting a lot of it. However, throughout all this time I was also playing the guitar. Plus while in school I was the guitarist in a band called “Status Line”, which of course didn’t get far.

But it wasn’t until 30-odd years later, when a friend approached me to setup and band with him called “Ten Gallon Drought”, did I pick up the guitar again and start writing songs.

That summer was spent prolifically writing songs. I was like a man possessed! Everything came flooding back… lyrics, music, guitar riffs etc… Even though I wrote all the song lyrics, it was a collaboration between myself and a band member on the music, but I also wrote a lot of my own compositions, some of which never made it into the band’s repertoire… mainly because after only playing in one small open mic gig, the band disbanded.

A few months later, and armed with a reasonable handful of songs, I decided to start a new band and put the shout out for band members. And so, out of the ashes of the previous band, came “The Boxcar Mavericks”.

Here are some photos associated with my music…