Welcome to my motorcycle page.
I have been an avid bike since 2004 and have owned a number of different motorcycles. Take a look at the gallery below.
My current ride is a Kawasaki Vulcan 650 Special Edition (as you can see by the video above). I bought it new in 2017, but I tend to keep it more as a fair weather / weekend ride rather that using it as a daily commute.
Don’t react too much about the “fair weather rider” part though. I have done my fair share of all weather riding over the years. Basically from 2004 to around 2015 I used to ride every day to and from work. In fact, my motorcycle was my main form of transport.
I was also able to go on a tour of Northern France with my Mrs riding pillion. This was when I owned the Honda Pan-European, which was an awesome ride for that sort of thing.
The ultimate ride was my Suzuki Hayabusa…. at the time it was arguably the fastest and most powerful production road bike available. She was a dream to ride. But sadly, I decided to get rid of it, because I found that every boy racer and knob on the road wanted a piece of it, and would try to burn me off on on traffic lights or race on ANY road. So after a while it got a bit of a pain.
I then got myself a Jaguar X-Type, which lasted me a number of years. But I still have the biker buzz. So in 2017 after receiving some inheritance, I bought by Vulcan.

Here are some photos of the bikes I have owned over the years…