Zeitgeist : The Movie

Zeitgeist is a 2007 movie by Peter Joseph, who presents and addresses a number of different conspiracy theories. These include Religion, Banking, 9/11 etc.
The first part of the film addresses the similarities between all the “solar messiahs”, specifically the direct comparison between the Egyptian god Horus (3000 B.C) and Jesus (0 A.D)

For me, this goes a lot deeper into some of the areas I touched on in my other article “The Great Con of Man”, and actually answers a lot of my personal beliefs and questions. In my article, I hold on to the notion that Jesus was a real person, but became the focal point or the personification to whom the creators of Christianity attached their dogma to. But in “Zeitgeist : The Movie” it is taken to the level that Jesus never existed in the first place.

So I must stress here, that the two parts of the first section of this film that I will embed below, did not convert me into my way of thinking. I have always felt that things were very wrong with Christianity. I had always seen snippets of information that seems to have similarities to things in the Old and New Testaments of the bible, but I could not quite put my finger on it. But this film was like turning on a light switch.
Like all things, elements of the first section of this film may have its own inaccuracies, but it is the underlying fundamentals that gave me that point of clarity…. that filled another part of the void….. that just gave me that extra bit more in helping be understand my own beliefs.

Read into this film what you will. Dismiss it or embrace it. Be amazed by it or be offended, whatever! But, as long as you watch it……

Zeitgeist The Movie – The Greatest Story Ever Told – Part I (1 of 2)