Who was Jesus

Was Jesus a real person? If so who was he?
Well actually yes, he most probably was a real person. But he certainly wasn’t who he is professed to be… not in the slightest! He was simply a man. But he was special and of great importance. In fact, he was of direct Royal lineage. But that is where the lines become very blurred and we now begin our journey into myths, legends, cover-ups and misinterpretations.
An example of this is “Jesus of Nazareth”. Jesus was from Galilee not Nazareth. Plus the city of Nazareth historically did not exist in those days. Jesus was a Nazarene, who was well versed in the teachings of northern sects such as the Nazarenes and Essenes.
So you can see that from the start, there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the story.

It is stated in the bible, albeit touched upon compared to the rest of the “story”, Jesus was of the line of David. Yes, King David of the David and Goliath fable. Jesus was of Royal Blood, in direct line to the throne. So surely this makes him a Prince not just a prophet? Ergo, if Jesus was a Prince and Joseph was his Father, then Joseph himself was a Prince of Royal lineage. Plus, if they were of Royal lineage, then the custom then as is today, is for the Princes to marry into other lines of Royalty. Which again suggests that Jesus’ mother Mary, was in fact of Royal blood herself. This starts to put a whole different twist on things.

Being of Royal lineage and married to Joseph is one thing, but there are some avenues of thought that suggest Joseph and Mary were not yet married. Which brings us on to the misinterpretation of who she was. Either that or the Church purposely misrepresented them as being married, to impose their dogma and enforce the institute of marriage. But the point is, if they were not married then Mary would have been referred to as a Maiden, or VIRGO. The Maiden Mary or Virgo Mary…. NOT the Virgin Mary! So again, this brings into question the whole concept of the “Virgin Birth”.

So let us step into the first part of that story. Joseph and Mary were fleeing to Egypt and fleeing from King Herod. Why would they specifically be fleeing? Well, it is again historical fact that the Herods usurped the throne. The Kingship was of the line of David not the Herods. So Mary and Joseph would have been fleeing for their lives, especially as Mary was pregnant. As Royals, they were in Exile.
Now you would say that all this is common knowledge and  forms the basis of the biblical story. Yes it does. But it is actually only brushed upon. The rest focuses on the “divinity” of the events. Which is where misinformation and misrepresentation becomes more obvious. If you think about it, as the focus shifts onto the divinity of Jesus and Mary, Joseph disappears and fades away into the annuls of biblical history.

Royal threat, Prophet, Trouble-maker, upstart?
Jesus was all of the above! Don’t get me wrong, he was a deeply religious person who shared his view and had countless followers (including and being part of The Fishers….. again another misinterpretation of what was meant by “The Fishers of Men”…. maybe a subject for another time). But he was also political and a Prince in direct line to a usurped throne. He was a huge threat and the Roman Empire, who were directly answerable to King Herod, knew it.

There is also a misinterpretation about the word “Christ”. If we jump forward to Jesus’ capture and subsequent interrogation, he is asked directly “Are you the Christ?” to which he replies “I am”. This is not a reference to any form of Deity or divinity. It is a translation of a term used to define a person who anointed. This in reality could be a reference to any type of anointment, including anointment of royalty. Jesus was simply affirming / admitting to who he actually was. Which was why he was crucified and labelled “King of the Jews”. Basically it was Herod and the Romans mocking him.

So if Jesus was Royal, where was his entourage and bodyguards?
Quite simply, in plane sight! His disciples were his entourage and his bodyguard / protector was non other than…… Judas Iscariot. Even though he was ultimately implicated in the betrayal of Jesus, a topic which I will possibly discuss in another article, he was in fact  a trained bodyguard or even assassin (of sorts). His name was not necessarily “Iscariot”, as it is suggested that this was again a mistranslated form of a word describing his as “of the dagger”, rather than from the Hebrew word “ishq’riyoth” meaning “man of Kerioth”.

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