The Holy Grail

This is by far my favorite part of the entire biblical story. It is for me the underlying truth and the ultimate revelation of the great con of man. It is from here that fantastical myths and legends are born. Legends of Kings and Crusaders. Lost artifacts and immortal guardians. Tales of quests and bravery, sorcerers and monsters. But actually the suggested truth is based in reality and far more simple….

Royal Bloodline
As I have already addressed and generally is widely accepted, that Jesus was of Royal lineage, born of the bloodline of King David. Just to say at this point, if he was of the miraculous virgin birth, how could he have been of Royal blood? Mary supposedly not royal. The lineage would have come from his father Joseph. So that immediately puts into question the whole virgin birth fable. Which of course I have already addressed in a previous page! Just saying….
Anyway! Back to the subject at hand… Royal Blood…
Jesus was the Prince of a usurped throne, the line of King David. So surly he would have been expected to continue the bloodline? Which means Jesus would have had Children and he would have been married. But to whom and what happened to the children?
And now enters one of the key players in the whole story. Someone who has remained silent throughout this, but whose name was tarnished hundreds of years after these events. I am referring to of course, Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene
It is becoming more accepted now, that Mary Magdalene was not a prostitute, as stated by Pope Gregory the Great in the sixth century, but was a devout disciple of Jesus.
But actually, if we step back a bit for a moment, and revisit one of my earlier statements about some documents and accounts being omitted from the bible, a completely different picture emerges.

Without going too deep into the subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls here, they do however have a very important role in the revealing the whole cover-up. The scrolls were found to contain extra documented accounts by the disciples of Jesus, which were omitted from the bible. These were declared as fake by the Church, but by their own admission, as historically documented in councils such as the Council of Nicaea, the contents of the bible was agreed by deciding on which accounts were included and NOT included. Further to this, carbon dating of the scrolls places then firmly within the same time period of the events. So why cant these scrolls be true? I think they are. But if so, then it completely undermines the fabric of the Church and Christianity.

Mary was not a prostitute, but she was also not just a devout disciple of Jesus, she was in fact, his Wife. The term used in the scrolls is “Companion” which in those days what was used to describe someone’s partner when they were married.
So when was Jesus and Mary married? Well it is actually stated in the bible, but not truly stated as to whose marriage it is. I am referring of course, to the Wedding at Cana.
What is even more sad, after the “resurrection”, Jesus still had to disappear, There is a suggestion that he was able to join a higher monastery, which was used by individuals of his status. Again this is hinted at, when after appearing to his disciples after his resurrection, he said that he now has to “Ascend to be with his father”. But he is not referring to heavenly ascension to be with god, he is referring to joining the higher order and being with his father Joseph, who had to leave in the same way himself many years prior. They both had to go into hiding.
On the subject of “ascending” to heaven. The concept of heaven above and hell below was depicted in Dante’s Inferno, which in itself was loosely taken from the poems of the ancient Roman poet Virgil circa 70BC. So it was not part of a religions belief system.

The Holy Grail
It is common belief that the Holy Grail refers to a chalice or cup, specifically the one Jesus used in the Last Supper. However, nowhere in original biblical documents is this describes as such. It is more likely to be yet another mistranslation.
After the events leading up to and after the crucifixion, it is said that Mary Magdalene had to flee due to fear of being killed herself. The fled to Gaul  (the ancient name for France), where she joined with the French Merovingians, the Kings and Queens of the Franks.
This again doesn’t make sense  if Mary was just a former prostitute and follower of Jesus. It was Jesus the authorities were after not his followers, at least not to the extent that their lives would be in danger. So in the current biblical accounts what made Mary different?
It was of course, not only was she Jesus’ wife, but at the time of the crucifixion Mary was pregnant.
It is also stated that after these events, the Holy Grail was entrusted to Joseph of Arimathea who brought it to France and also Briton, specifically to Glastonbury. But actually what he was entrusted with as the care of Mary Magdalene and her child, a girl called Sarah….. the bloodline of Jesus.
The words Holy Grail in French are “Saint Graal”, but if spoken it is very close to “Sang Royal” which means Royal Blood.
The Holy Grail isnt a chalice, it is the bloodline of of Jesus. The Royal bloodline lineage of the throne of King David.