Summing it up

In conclusion
What I have written in this article is my conclusion based on the research and reading that I have done, over many, many years.  I am not saying that my opinions are totally correct, as they are based on fragmented data, pieced together and cross referenced with other historical facts. But I am saying that the current accepted story and religious dogma definitely wrong and totally inaccurate. Too many threads have been amended, re-spun, suppressed and even erased, for it to be of any credibility. But what is worse, the threads and historical information that does become very plausible, is immediately quashed and labelled as fake or forgeries.

The true account of events that took place over 2000 years ago, will never really see the light of day and be completely accepted. Plus there have been too many atrocities, wars, inquisitions, crusades, even genocide carried out over the millennia in the name of the one god and Christianity. There is no denying it, there are no excuses. They did occur and they are still occurring today.

Did Jesus exist? Probably not. None of the events or people related to the events throughout the bible are legitimately recorded in history. The Church TRIES to manipulate and rewrite history, but in reality there is no record. There are connections to various historical figures over the Ages of the bible, Kings, Pharaohs and Caesars. But that’s it!

To put another twist on this and again show the misleading information and even plagiarism of other ancient  religions that Christianity and the Church has done, please refer to my other article on Zeitgeist.