As I have already stated, I was born and raised in a Christian family where my parents were Baptist Ministers. What I neglected to add was that there was a time when, with the support of by wonderful Wife, I had decided to put my name forward to study for and become an Anglican Priest. Yes, surprisingly enough I did! Don’t ask me why, because I simply don’t know. I suppose it was due to trying to “fit in” or to find those precious answers. Maybe it was trying to be part of something after my mother died of Cancer when I was 18 year old… who knows? But I know now, that it was at that time, when I began studying and interacting closer with higher “officials” in the Church, did a begin to become disillusioned with the whole thing and started to uncover mysteries and histories that contradicted and contravened the very foundations and fabric of the Christian Church. Plus of course, discovered that those so called “Officials” of the Church, were not as nice and pias as they made out to be.
So I withdrew my application and walked away from it all. It took a lot of strength and will power, but I managed to turn my back on and walk away from everything I and been brought up to believe in. I had no agenda or plan at this point. I was in some respects lost in the wilderness. I was not looking for a replacement religion, in fact it was the last thing I wanted. Stuff of rubbish lead by a stupid dogmatic, vastly outdated regime!!! Sod it all! Sod them all!

A chance encounter
Everyone says that there is a certain, single point in their life, where they know exactly where they were, what they were doing, even what they were thinking. I know of two such moments in my life. Well there are actually many others of course. But two in particular. I remember and can still see through my mind’s eye where I was exactly at 11am on 7th July 1977. I was in my school classroom, just on 11am as we were about to have a break, when the headmistress came in and wrote on the black board that it was 7th of the 7th seventy seven! I can still see her writing it now.
The other particular date, was the day of the horrors of 11th September 2001. The day the World Trade Center was attacked. I was sat at my desk in work, when a colleague came into the room and with a ashen face said “They’re gone! The twin towers in New York have collapsed!”. Furious internet and news web site browsing ensued by everyone in the office, desperate to get as much information about the events that had just transpired.
Over the weeks and months that followed, the World was inundated with reports, bulletins and documentaries. The internet was bursting with all things 9/11, including of course, the obligatory plethora of Conspiracy Theories and emerging new web sites containing all kinds of theories and explanations.
It was during all of this, when I was trawling through the internet, following the stories of the aftermath etc, news web sites, updates, videos etc. Did I come across a conspiracy theory web site, that included among one of its many theory pages, an item called “The bloodline of Jesus”. For some reason this took my curiosity and so I started reading the article.
I didn’t get the fabled epiphany moment at that point. Far from it actually. But it was what I read in that web page, started me on a journey of discovery. My subsequent research, through published books and documents, took me into the worlds of Romans and Emperors, plots and cover-ups, Bishops, Popes and Crusaders, inquisitions and discreditations. All leading to the greatest cover-up of all…. the great con of man.

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