The Great Con of Man

I could not think of another title for the page really. But it is a phrase that is generally used when associated with what I am going to discuss here. It is probably the most controversial subject ever discussed and many different people have many different views. So this is mine.
Forget about conspiracies such as The New World Order, JFK Assassination, 9/11, Roswell and Area 51, or All the Royal Family are reptile aliens in disguise! This is the oldest conspiracy in the book and it dates back almost 2000 years! There you go…. there is the biggest hint as to the subject matter.
It covers many different subjects and many different titles. To be honest, there isn’t even enough space here to fully document and support my views and there are probably just as many documents to counter it too. I suppose I could write a book! But no, this will suffice. If it doesn’t do anything else, at lease it will get you thinking and raise awareness of it.
So what am I talking about? Well it is this…. “The Great Con of Man” is about the real origins of Christianity, the Church, the true bloodline of Jesus and who he actually was, the divinity of Jesus, the origins of the bible, and what any of this has to do with Paganism, the Occult and WitchCraft.
I suppose the other question would be, why am I doing this in the first place? If I am a Witch, why am I bothering to explore this subject matter, and to such an extent that I am dedicating a whole series of pages on my web site to it? Well, I have been born and raised in the Church environment. Both my parents were Baptist ministers. So I have experienced Christianity and the Church first hand, in depth, up close and personal. There is NOTHING that anyone can tell me or teach me about the Pro’s and Conn’s of Christianity and the Church, whether you are Catholic, Anglican, Non-Conformist, or a Neo-Happy Clapper! The origins and dogma remains the same. But ultimately it left me with a profound and deep despising of all things related to Christianity and the Church. Never more so was it cemented when I began researching the history and origins of the Church from a non-christian standpoint, and discovered a whole other World of opinion and supporting documentation that answered a lot of my questions and laid to rest a lot of my frustrations. It was as though a door has been opened and the light turned on. Do not think for one second though that I have now become yet another convert, who has been brainwashed by alternative propaganda. Nothing could be further away from the truth. I have not become a starry-eyed fool who has read only what he wants to read and only taken the bits that conform to his opinion. What I read and learned was a total surprise and shock to me, and it took me the longest time to understand, digest and accept what I was reading. But as each page of each book was turned, each research thread followed, I became more aware that the lifetime of unanswered questions that I had, slowly and surely became answered, like peeling the layers off an onion. One revelation led to another.
I am not out to offend anyone (although I probably will) or start a new age rebellion. I have a lifetime of experiences and reading, that has led me to an unequivocal view and opinion of the subject matter here, which I need to express and write about. I make no excuses, make no u-turns, spare no feelings. It WILL be raw!
To make this easier to read and follow, I am going to try and split everything up into separate subjects and pages, which can be read in isolation to each other. However, should there be a cross-over (of which I there could be a few), I will indicate this with a link to the relevant page(s).

Or more accurately “Conspiracy Theory”. The key word there is “Theory”. Most conspiracies are based on theory or conjecture. I feel however, that “The Great Con of Man” is based on truth, or at the very least documented history that had been “lost”, suppressed or changed; made out to be lies and falsehoods to hide the true story. Suppression of the truth for one reason only…. for man to have power over fellow man.

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