Now the real work starts.

So now that I have got the main structure and basic info etc up and running on the this web site, it is time to start populating it properly and using it as intended.
You may see new pages and menu items appear as time goes on, to accommodate what I need to include.
The biggest item I suppose with by the “Occult” area. There is soooooo much to include there I may as well be writing a book LOL!  But please be aware… I will be posting loads of things which some of you may either not agree with or even may find offensive is some way. If so, then please leave the site. I will not be apologizing for my comments and opinions and I will stand by them 100%. However, if you like and agree (to some extent) with what I post, then cool 🙂 I hope you enjoy visiting the site.
Catch’ya later……. Duane S.